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Two employees gone after Taste Testing Incident


LCPD Times has decided to add a new section to the online site.  There will be letters from our readers posted on this page at the bottom.  LCPD Times will not publish the names of the writers, just their opinions.  100% Confidential.  Email your comments to:

**LCPD Times wants to hear your input and will put it on this site so that no one will know who said it.  **

The Matron investigation from within the Department is finished, leaving two un-employed.  Chief Matron Hawkins was forced to resign after making out with a inmate worker in the jail freezer.  “LCPD Times reported on the incident, so I felt I couldn’t cover up her actions like I planed.” Said Sheriff Hawkins, “Its just a really bad deal, I had to have Chief Terry force the editor of LCPD Times to resign too, I just hope he doesn’t sue us for a violation of his 1st amendment rights.”  LCPD Times has caught wind of maybe an investigation still being conducted out from an outside department; however, we are unable to confirm that for sure.  It is expected that several other county residents will know of the cover up soon do to the Times Mail receiving a copy of LCPD Times.  We can’t wait to read it!



This site contains stories about true things that have happened at the Lawrence County Sheriff Department, however, even though the jest of the story is true, it is meant to be a joke.  LCPD Times is no way affiliated with the Lawrence County Sheriff Department or its employees.