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Lawrence Counties Most Wanted


Pictured above is Ex-Sheriff Kent Hawkins, and Ex-Officer John Potter. Hawkins is wanted for Forgery, A class C Felony and 2 counts of Official Misconduct a class D Felony. Potter was wanted for Forgery a class C Felony. Both warrants were issued last week. If you see either subjects contact the Lawrence County Sheriff Department or the Indiana State Police department. The Times Mail reports: "Criminal charges were filed against former Lawrence County Sheriff Kent Hawkins and former police officer John L. Potter this afternoon. Hawkins, of Bedford, was charged with forgery, a Class C felony, and two counts of official misconduct, Class D felonies. Potter, of Bedford, faces a Class C felony charge of forgery. The charges were filed in Lawrence Circuit Court today. Neither had yet been arrested on the allegations, as of 4:30 p.m. According to probable cause affidavits filed in the case, Hawkins and Potter admitted forging the signatures of other Lawrence County police officers on buyback forms. “The buyback program is used when a department purchases new duty weapons and it allows those officers who receive new duty weapons to purchase their old weapons at a reduced cost,” the affidavits state. “(Indiana State Police) Detective (Dana) Miller reported that the handguns not purchased by the officers were to be traded to Kieslers for credit to be applied toward the purchase of new guns by the Lawrence County Police Department.” While serving a searching warrant at Hawkins’ home, police found several weapons relating to the forged signatures. “According to Detective Miller, on or about February 2005, a court order was issued authorizing the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department to take possession of approximately 122 firearms and to hold such firearms as property of the department,” Hawkins’ affidavit stated. “Detective Miller reported that these firearms were released by a court order under the impression that the firearms would be used by the department, destroyed or traded for ammunition for the Lawrence County Police Department. “Detective Miller reported that Hawkins transported these firearms to his residence where he kept some of the guns and sold some of the guns. During the execution of the search warrant, approximately 72 firearms from the 2005 court order were located in the residence of Kent Hawkins.” Money from the sale of the guns was not given to the Lawrence County Police Department. Hawkins’ official misconduct charges resulted after he reportedly failed to deliver 72 guns, a snowplow for an all-terrain vehicle, a camera and a gun boot to the department on Dec. 31. He also allegedly kept 13 guns seized by Greene, Owen, Monroe and Brown counties, with the intention of keeping them for himself. Hawkins left office on Dec. 31 after serving as sheriff for eight years. Potter worked at the department for nine years before resigning on May 18 as the training officer."

Attorney claims Ex-Matron can't be prosecuted

One attorney says Shauna Hawkins can't be prosecuted in her Sexual Misconduct case. "It's impossible to prosecute someone when they have swallowed the evidence..." says one attorney, "I'm not sure what they are going to go on now that we realized we have no evidence." Luckly, the attorney was unaware of the tapes recovered during the investigation that showed the mishap. Shauna should be appearing for her first court date soon. We will be awaiting her plea...

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Top News:

This weeks Top rumors: Ex Cheif Deputy started at the department nearly 18 years ago as a jailer, made his way up to the road and up until last year, he was Cheif Terry and ran for sheriff... Following a investigation of past misconducts with the Hawkins administration, he has found him as the low man in the food chain.. See more below! Lawrence Counties Most Wanted, These subjects have been captured- Shauna Hawkins Wanted on warrant for Sexual Misconduct, a class D Felony- subject released on a $500.00 Cash Bond; John Potter, wanted on warrant for Forgery, a class C Felony released on $500.00 bond.... Kent Hawkins still hasn't turned himself in.. Mike Terry, former cheif deputy while Hawkins was in office has saved his job and excaped criminal charges for himself by rolling on the other officers. Terry, now Capt. Terry, is back on patrol in lawrence county, maybe you will see him parked on the side of the road taking a nap... Ex-Sheriff in hospital following heart blockage, maybe due to stress from being placed on suicide watch following news that his new wife would soon to be his Ex-wife, his investigation following his practices while in office, Times Mail reports he is to turn himself in sometime this week..... Ex-Sheriff being investigated by State Police, Hawkins Cover ups making headlines!! Two gone after helping sheriff cover up mishaps while he was in office. Looks like we can add Mike Terry and John Potter to the unemployment list in Lawrence County... Ex-Matron Hawkins tape was released to the state police for their investigation. "She was caught red handed in the tapes, and they even got copies of the letters she was writting to the inmates. Rumor has it there was more than on inmate that recieved "Special Favors" while being locked up." an employee stated. Inmates disappointed Hawkins is gone..."I wish that both Hawkins were still at the department, I heard that if you knew the sheriff personally, he would let you use the computers that the Booking officers used. Inmate that was caught with Matron in freezer's name has been released... See letters to the editor at the bottom of this page!!! Sheriff Dept gets grant for security cameras... Camera to be placed in the freezer after inmate/matron contact... Sheriff Hawkins planned on running for Sheriff in 2010... Several county elected officials think Sheriff should resign... Sheriff to make headline news possibly on WAVE 3, Channel 6 News, and Channel 8 News... Emails Sent to Bill O'Riley and Nancy Grace, will Hawkins make it on national news for covering up illegal act??? News Flash: County attorney tells State Police "Sweep it under the table" in reference to investigating the Matron make-out session... Prosecuter unable to file charges do to not having a case report... Sheriff Threatens to fire Chief Deputy, Detective over investigating Matron/Inmate Make-out session... Sheriff Hawkins told the two that he would "be conducting the investigation himself and if they didn't like it the door was over there"... The State Police would normally receive evidence from the Detective and Chief Deputy, However do to the threats made against them, it hasn't been done... Other Top News: Sheriff Hawkins lied to a Times Mail reporter by saying that the former matron resigned because of her children. Too bad he called his son while he was in another state working to tell him about her incident and that he was going to have to "let her go"... Seems that the guy that is elected to uphold our laws needs to start being honest. **Outside trustee released from jail early for "knowing too much"...** ****Have you seen an SBC Backhoe recovered at Kent Hawkins's Property when a search warrant was conducted by the State Police ****

Shauna turns herself in following arrest warrant

Shauna Hawkins, ex- Cheif Matron was released on bond after turning herself in shortly following the release of her warrant for Sexual Misconduct. The Times Mail Reports "Former Lawrence County Police Department Chief Matron Shauna Hawkins was arrested Monday on a charge of sexual misconduct involving a 35-year-old jailed man. Hawkins, 32, 502 Younger Road, allegedly twice performed oral sex on Kevin Edwards of Columbus at the jail in 2006. She is facing a Class D felony. She was booked into the Lawrence County jail at 3 p.m. Monday. She was immediately released on $500 bond. Edwards was being held at the jail during September and October on a local charge of failing to appear in court, for an original charge of public intoxication. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Lawrence Superior Court II, Hawkins reportedly had a sexual relationship with Edwards at the jail. The paperwork cites information from jail officers and Edwards in making the allegation. One jail officer “stated that sometime during August 2006 while he was looking through a window in the kitchen area, he observed Kevin Edwards standing up in front of the dishwasher,” the affidavit stated. “(The jailer) stated that shortly after observing Edwards, Shauna Hawkins rose up from a kneeling position directly in front of Edwards.” Another jail officer told officials that, before Edwards was released from jail, he admitted Hawkins performed oral sex on him. Edwards was a trusty at the jail. A trusty is considered a trustworthy inmate, is often assigned chores and has limited freedom at the jail. Edwards also spoke with investigators. According to the affidavit, Edwards said he and Hawkins had a sexual relationship while he was in the jail. He said Hawkins twice performed oral sex on him. Hawkins was named chief matron in February 2006, after the former chief matron, Sandy Hawkins, died. Sandy Hawkins was the wife of Kent Hawkins, who was sheriff at the time. Shauna Hawkins is married to the son of Kent and Sandy Hawkins. Before working at the department, Shauna Hawkins was a stay-at-home mom. Her duties at the jail included ordering food, taking inventory, ordering cleaning supplies, planning meals, overseeing kitchen staff and overseeing the cleanliness of the administration side of the building. She resigned in the late fall of 2006. At that time, Kent Hawkins said Shauna Hawkins left the department to spend more time with her family. “She did a great job here,” Kent Hawkins said at the time of her resignation. “She really was impacted with how much her family was suffering (because of her duties at the jail).” Meanwhile, Indiana State Police confirmed they have completed their investigation regarding Hawkins’ administration. Police said the matter has been turned over to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s office." See the story in Todays edition of The Times Mail or at
Hawkins Finally Investigated 
Well, its official, Shauna Hawkins has a warrant for her arrest for "Sexual Misconduct" a Class D Felony sources tell LCPD Times. "She has until this evening to turn herself in" said one Lawrence County official. While her stay may not be long at first (She will most likely post bond), she will have to appear in front of a judge to explain her conduct as chief matron during her time acting in that posistion in 2006. Things arn't looking good for her father in-law either. Rumor has it that he is in the hospital at this time. He was sopposedly placed on suicide watch after a couple of things started happening with his family. See top rumors above in the news flasher for more info... nbsp;  
Animal Control Officer gone following crazy chase
A while back, now Ex- Animal Control Officer Rolland Stockton was released from his duties following a crazy chase through a neighborhood. "All I know is I saw this rather large object running through the addition. It was scary.. It sounded like a wild animal, yelling "Freeze!! Animal cop!! Stop our I'll shoot!!!" then, I made out the mad man. It was the Lawrence County animal control officer. He started shooting, and bullets started flying..." said one neighbor while giving a statement about the incident. Stockton appearantly shot at the animal several times while running around the additon. When Stockton was asked about the incident, he stated "Well the damn thing got away from me, but I do have good news though... I just cost the county big money by shooting out some residences windows!" Stockton was released from his duties after a sort investigation was completed. Following several complaints from witnesses, it was determind that the "animal" he was chasing turned out to be no more than his wiskey bottle rolling down the street.    

LCPD Times hasn't been updated since the end of Nov, but do to new news its time to start reporting agian. Hawkins is being investigated over all the stuff that happend while he was in office, and its about time. State Police are conducting an investigation that will take a few more weeks to complete says the Times Mail. From inside sources, apparently Mike Terry and John Potter have been let go for covering up Hawkins mishaps while he was in office. Since leaving office, Hawkins attempted to draw unemployment from the county. "I'm glad we finally got a trustworthy Sheriff that is cleaning house" said one department official. We will be reporting on other stories as info becomes availible. Letter to the editor is functional agian so if you have any comments, questions or concerns, send us a note.   
Ex-Dispatchers not allowed in Dispatch 
Last week, Sheriff Hawkins announced that former Dispatchers Bridget Walls and Derek Blackwell are no longer allowed in dispatch.  "I took a coat I had bought while employed at the department to one of the dispatchers that the department wouldn't buy a coat for..." says Blackwell, "I guess they thought it would hurt my feelings if they said I wasn't allowed in there anymore.  It is kind of funny though, I was told that I would be allowed in there from Chief Terry when they forced me to resign after making a LCPD Times article about the former matron and now I'm not.  Guess that's part of making promises and not keeping them, the administration seems to be pretty good at that."  Blackwell is expected to leave the area soon do to joining the military and will not sweat the loss.



Definition of terms used by some that are upset over this site... 
Slander- A false statement that is verbally said to defame someone or something.

Libel-  A false statement that is written. (can be a symbol as well)

Substantial Truth Doctrine-  A defense against Libel and Slander.  Stories said to be defamatory are not considered Libel if the just of the story is true. (Ex: Every story on this site)

LCPD Employees ready to get rid of Hawkins

On November 7th, Lawrence County Sheriff Department employees learnt who the new sheriff will be beginning on January 1st.  "I'm just glad that Hawkins is going to be out of office.  Craig will actually run the department the way it should be..." one officer told reporters, and I bet he wouldn't go on vacation with his wife's cousin 3 weeks after his wife died ..."  It is rumored that Sheriff Hawkins had taken county money to go on a trip to Florida with his new wife.  Craig vows to be a working Sheriff once in office, something the department hasn't seen in nearly eight years.  "It is really sad to think that Hawkins has been in office for eight years," a citizen told LCPD Times, "Its kind of funny that I have called to talk to him several times, and he hasn't been in his office or returned my calls."  If only Craig knew what he was getting himself into, he wouldn't have ran for Sheriff.  Hawkins has set an example of corruption within the department by attempting to cover up mistakes that he and his family have made while working at the Department.  









\/ Photo's from Newsletters \/ Two employees gone after Taste Testing Incident/Jail Re-named

Acting Chief Terry completes physical readiness training before returning to the road as a Captain.  "Its been really tough, but I've managed to make myself run 10 yards!" Terry admits. Wanted: Twinkies, send them to 1420 I Street Bedford, Indiana 47421- ATTN: Capt. Mike Terry











The Matron investigation from within the Department is finished, leaving two un-employed.  Chief Matron Hawkins was forced to resign after making out with a inmate worker in the jail freezer.  “LCPD Times reported on the incident, so I felt I couldn’t cover up her actions like I planed.” Said Sheriff Hawkins, “Its just a really bad deal, I had to have Chief Terry force the editor of LCPD Times to resign too, I just hope he doesn’t sue us for a violation of his 1st amendment rights.”  LCPD Times has caught wind of maybe an investigation still being conducted out from an outside department; however, we are unable to confirm that for sure.  It is expected that several other county residents will know of the cover up soon do to the Times Mail receiving a copy of LCPD Times.  We can’t wait to read it!


This site contains stories about true things that have happened at the Lawrence County Sheriff Department, however, even though the just of the story is true, it is meant to be a joke.  LCPD Times is no way affiliated with the Lawrence County Sheriff Department or its employees.

Your Opinion:
Sent:       Friday, November 10, 2006 7:49 PM
this shit's really funny...keep it coming

---Editors remarks:  I agree, it really is funny.  It is also sad that the Sheriff, the one who is elected to uphold laws, would cover up the actions of the matron.  Fun Fact:  If another Corrections Officer would have done the actions of the matron they would get a  "C" Felony.  Anyone Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that since the Sheriff is "aiding" in keeping her from getting caught, he would also be facing charges.   

Sent:        Tuesday, November 14, 2006 10:35 PM
This is great stuff!!  I'm glad someone has the balls to tell it like it is.  Hawkins is a fucking joke as a sheriff.  Anyone else would have been fired for performing such a shit job.    I think if you looked in Webster's under worthless, lying, crooked fuck you would see Hawkins picture.  I hope some outside agency gets involved and puts his sorry ass in jail. How many more piece of shit relatives do you think he will hire before his dumb ass leaves office? Keep up the great work!!

---Editors Remarks: What can I say, enough said...

Sent:       Wednesday, November 15, 2006 5:37 PM
Was told that sheriff tried to get church to marry him but preacher refused, Mike Robbins, the judge, did the dirty deed.

---Editors Remarks: I've heard that also.  I don't have any information on that for sure. I just know he had some officers sit at the church during the wedding just incase protesters came...

Sent:       Thursday, November 16, 2006 7:17 PM
Hey! I just plain luv your site! But I got me a question here, How can a guy get me one of them there jobs at LCPD? It sounds like it'd be more fun than stealin'! Or about the same if ya could get the right job there! In your opinion which is hotter the Matrons or the Dispatchers? Ow-we I like ta get in on sum of that action! Keep up the good work boys! I luv it when our taxes is spent smartly!

---Editors Remarks:  Man your not even right, but since you asked about matron's verses dispatchers, I heard they are both pretty easy.  

Sent:        Sunday, November 19, 2006 11:01 PM
The web site, needs to be viewed by everyone that lives in Lawrence County.  It seems that the Mitchell PD can obtain warrants from the courts in Lawrence County and serve them anywhere in the County. This is why everyone that lives in Lawrence County needs to view it. I'm not proud of the name, very tacky, but a lot of information about Mitchell and community.

Sent:         Wednesday, November 29, 2006 11:49 AM
First of all id appreciate it if my name wasnt posted in the paper but I do have a question ...

I love your site very nice and i recently was reading the story about the matron in the freezer and what me and many lawrence county citizens want to know is who was the inmate!??! I mean its a small place and more than likely you know someone in the jail system and I'd really like to know who it is. I am actually related to one of the dispatchers you poke fun at but dont worry I find it hilarious!!!Keep up the good work and hopefully you'll have an answer for me and the rest of our lil' county!!! :)

*Curious Citizen*

---Editors Remarks:  I was wondering why no one had asked.  Seems that the administration hasn't had to deal with the inmates name being released yet, so, here it goes...  Kevin Edwards is the name of the trustee that got himself a little tongue action in the freezer.  

** We are still waiting to here from you.  ATTN SHERIFF HAWKINS:  Your not left out either, you can email your side of the story and have it posted as well...  Maybe you'll come clean and apologize for your actions... We will be waiting for an email**