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Sergeant Lonnie Johnson is being investigated for intimidation, an offense that could cause him to serve time in the same county jail he takes prisoners to.  LCPD tells us that there is an investigation involving a phone call that Johnson left on a former dispatchers voice mail on Oct 10th 2006.  “I can’t comment at this time” Det Wigley told reporters.  It will be interesting to see how this turns out.  Johnson wrote a letter to the sheriff after the October edition of LCPD Times was released saying that the editor should be fired for making the department look bad.  How does a guy that has been an officer for nearly 20 years, and ran for Sheriff get by with such a comment?  LCPD Times and several other people agree that this officer has made himself look bad, the newsletter just reminded everyone. 



Sheriff Hawkins: Coward

When former dispatcher Derek Blackwell arrived at the Sheriff Department for a scheduled meeting, he was greeted by Chief Terry.  "The Sheriff wanted me to give Derek his options," Terry said.  Blackwell was given the option of resigning or getting fired.  "I was shocked that they would be stupid enough to fire me over the Newsletter..." Blackwell told LCPD Times, "I guess the Sheriff was too scared to do his own dirty work."  Sheriff Hawkins is yet to comment on the reasoning behind letting the dispatcher go, but LCPD Times thinks that it must have hit a sore spot with him and his son.  "Maybe he was mad because you actually had the balls to write the article about his daughter in-law unlike everyone else" Kenny Johnson said.


Sheriff's Cover-up, Un-covered

LCPD Times and The Times Mail informed Lawrence County residents about Sheriff Hawkins attempted cover-up of matron's actions.  "I'm Shocked that he would appoint his daughter in-law in a position where she could have inmate to officer contact," a concerned citizen said, "and when it happened he tried to cover it up."  The touchy-feely incident that took place is illegal according to prosecutors.  "If another officer would have conducted such a thing, they would be arrested." an LCPD officer told reporters.


Officers Still Cracking Jokes

Jokes are still being made over LCPD Times needing an editor.  "After they canned the last editor, I guess we shouldn't let them know who is making this website." said officer Dusty Johnson.  LCPD Times has advanced in time, got around all the blocks, and went to the world wide web so that people all over the world can read up on the Lawrence County Sheriff Department.  Be sure to pass our address along to all of your friends:


This site contains stories about true things that have happened at the Lawrence County Sheriff Department, however, even though the just of the story is true, it is meant to be a joke.  LCPD Times is no way affiliated with the Lawrence County Sheriff Department or its employees.